SOD Toner Spray

SOD Toner Spray

SOD Toner Spray


Description  of this SOD Toner Spray
It's medical device class II product and also our national patent: microencapsul inclusion technology which highly improve the stability of SOD to 20%-30%,penetrate into deep cell more easily and reduce immunogenicity. the main ingredient is supreoxide dismute ,its validity can reach 2000U/ml .it's The only active substance that acts on free radicals, Suitable for long-term skin care, eliminate free radicals, reduce and prevent the second wound damage after radiotherapy/burn/plastic/laser operation, anti aging, resist UV damage so as to withstand light aging and various light skin disease.Anti-dermatitis, reduce allergic dermatitis and various pigmented skin diseases


Parameter  of this SOD Toner Spray

Ingredient Water, Glycerin, Propylene glycol, Caprylhydroxamic acid, Ascorbic acid, Betaine, Sodium hyaluronate, Curcumin, Superoxide dismutase, Sodium carbonate
Function This product belongs to disposable Class II 6831 Medical X-ray accessory equipment and component, the activity of Superoxide dismutase (SOD) ≥ 2000U/mL, protect radiation, reduce pigment, anti-aging, repair mucosa, anti-dermatitis eczema
Suitable for the prevention and mitigation of human skin and mucosal tissue damage cause by medical radiation and other physical and chemical factors generated by free radicals
Usag Unscrew the cap of B bottle, pour the liquid in B bottle into the A bottle, tighten the spray pump of A bottle, and shake it up and down for several times to dissolve evenly before spraying. Spray 0.2ml per 10 square centimeters, 3-5 times a day. (About 0.2 ml per spray

Discontinue using if any allergy occurs.
Store in cool dry place
Validity 3 year


Advantage of this SOD Toner Spray

1. Medical Divice Class II Product;
2.National patent - micro-capsule inclusion technology,Greatly improves the SOD’s stability and make its activity increased by 20% to 30%,penetrate into deep cell more easily and reduce immunogenicity;
3.The only active substance that acts on free radicals;4.Globally recognized medical value;5. ranked NO.1 in all anti-aging product


Image  of this SOD Toner Spray


eczema dermatitis
eczema dermatitis


Our Factory  of this SOD Toner Spray

Hong Kong YASHA Bio-Technology Company Limited, an innovative high-tech multinational corporation, founded in 2013, is the integration of R&D, manufacturing, sales and academic training, specializing in biomedical devices, skin barrier therapy and skin cell regeneration. It obtained several national patents. The company has 10,000-grade GMP purification workshop, 100-grade microbiology laboratory and stem cell research laboratory. Moreover, it owns a top-notch team of dermatologists, and a large number of clinical literatures have been published. And also, It has been awarded the “Research Base of Skin Barrier Function and Cosmeceutical” by Ministry of Health.



Patent Of Our Products


Our certificate

ISO  Certificate
ISO Certificate
FDA medical device



FAQ   of this SOD Toner Spray


 1.Can you send free samples?
    Yes, free samples are available; you just need to pay the express fee. You can provide your a/c like DHL,FEDEX or you can call your courier to pick up from our company.

2.What is your delivery date?
   The delivery date is about 7-30 days after receipt of payment.

3.What is your MOQ?
   No MOQ limited.Support LCL.

4.What is your payment terms?
   30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.

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