Apply the face cream first or apply the Sunblock Cream first?

      Apply the face cream first or apply the Sunblock Cream first?Every girl every chao early meeting is on the face again besmear the one after another protects skin to taste, although the protects skin to taste on the dressing table that looks in outsider always Lin Lin always, very confused, but only we know they are in disorder actually orderly.

      Before also introduced protects skin to taste the order that besmears on the face, study this, should besmear face cream after all first, still Sunblock Cream!

      Summer is like waiting at the corner like, turn an eye to be able to arrive, the weather turned, the nature that protects skin to taste on besmear face also is different, and the biggest also can be to prevent respectively bask in!  


      The day sunshine of winter is not too fierce, a lot of school girls can be lazy do not besmear bask in Sunblock Cream, but the sunshine of summer is no joke by any means, should protect the skin must prevent bask in.

      The method that has  before according to,that face cream and Sunblock Cream should decide with the simple sense of both, enough thin enough those who have penetration force should besmear first, lest block up what besmear after is absorbed by the skin.

      Nevertheless, some dermatologists oppose this method, first Sunblock Cream and then Sunblock Cream,It may dilute the ingredients and change the function of sunscreen, and it can also change the way UV rays come into contact with the skin.

      Both approaches make sense, so what's the best thing to do?

      Have expert proposal, can besmear above face creamfirst, after waiting for the skin to be absorbed completely next, Then slowly smear Sunblock Cream.

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