Do you know that hydrating does not mean moisturizing

Moisturizing is the most basic care. Almost all skin problems are basically caused by lack of water and lack of moisturizing. Ever since, we have a lot of toner, moisturizing essence and moisturizing mask on our dressing table... But countless girls will find that it is not that we use more, the skin will be better!
Some friends have questions: Why do I use the products not bad, the skin is also carefully hydrated, the skin is still dry, peeling?
In fact, it is very likely that you have not distinguished the difference between hydrating and moisturizing. Replenishing water is not equal to moisturizing.

The difference between hydrating and moisturizing

Replenishment: Simply put, it is to add moisture to the skin. In the skin care steps, such as spray, mask, skin water, etc. are all hydrating. (If you only hydrate and don't moisturize, as time goes by, the added water will gradually lose.)

Moisturizing: It means forming a certain protective film on the surface of our skin to prevent water loss. For example, using a moisturizing cream every night can help the skin maintain a long-lasting moisturizing effect. Do a good job of moisturizing

• Help the water content of the cuticle of the epidermis to maintain the normal range, maintain the normal functioning and metabolism of the skin;

• Avoid dry skin and discomfort due to excessive percutaneous loss of water (especially in cold and dry conditions);

• Moisturizes the skin and leaves the skin moisturized and not rough;

• Helps improve skin condition;

In a word, the purpose of moisturizing is to lock the skin moisture.

If the skin is treated as an empty bottle, then the hydration can be regarded as adding water to the bottle, and the moisturizing is to add a lid to lock the moisture, so that it does not evaporate or leak out.



1, oily skin moisturizing focus

Oily skin, the secretion of oil is more vigorous than other types of skin, but the oil is not equal to enough water. In the dry season, it is important to pay attention to cleansing and oil control, and to maintain skin water and oil balance.

2, dry skin moisturizing focus

Alternate in winter and spring, dry skin is prone to dry lines and fine lines, and needs to be nourishing and nourishing. You can't just consider hydrating, but also consider adding oil. You can choose a thicker, moisturizing cream to care for your skin.

3, mixed skin moisturizing focus

Hybrid skin is recommended to give different care to the skin in different areas. The dry cheeks can be properly selected for moisturizing skin care products, while the T-zone of partial oil can continue to use refreshing moisturizing skin care products.

4, sensitive skin moisturizing focus

Sensitive skin is poorly tolerated, with emphasis on curing, and try not to use products containing soap, alcohol, flavors and hormones to avoid further irritation to the skin.
It is recommended to use simple, moisturizing care for maintenance. ZQ-II photon cold gel can be used as daily skin care.





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