Do you need to Protect from UV Rays in winter?

It’s winter now
Some people may start to take precautions against UV rays.
no, it's wrong
we recommend wants to remind everyone
that the sun feels stronger and the temperature is higher in summer
But autumn and winter are just lowering the temperature.
UVA causing cumulative damage is even stronger than summer

And maybe because sun protection is not as good as in summer.

it will be easily to get tanned and damaged by UVA/UVB in Winter, Therefore, the sun protection project should not be slacked.
How harmful is UV?
The ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun include UVA, UVB, UVC
Penetration of the three of them: UVA>UVB>UVC
After ozone layer isolation, UVC is basically absorbed
More than 98% of the UV rays reaching the ground are UVA
Less than 2% is UVB
Look at the picture below ,you will understand
UVB reaches the surface of the skin
It is the main cause of sunburn, redness and edema
And UVA goes directly to the skin dermis
Act on blood vessels and other tissues
Can cause sunburn, aging, wrinkles
In fact, Photoaging is happening subtly if we do not protect under natural light
The effect of childhood is not obvious because the skin repair ability is relatively strong.
But this damage is cumulative
When you suddenly find there are fleckles on your face one day
You know how much the hurt will be by UV rays.
Overall UV damage to the skin
Can be summarized into 3 categories
one is Acute injury effect ,which will have erythema,Peeling ,edema,even nausea and vomiting symptoms
after usual sun exposure
It is often said that sunburn
Another type of chronic injury effect
The most obvious symptom are accelerating aging,
Collagen is destroyed,skin become rough and cause wrinkles
all kinds of problems come;Even induce cancer
There is another type that everyone usually cares about - blackening
Ultraviolet light activates melanocytes
Binding to photoreceptors on cell membranes
Promotes the synthesis of tyrosinase (a key enzyme in melanin synthesis)
Speed up melanin production
It also promotes the distribution of melanin to the stratum corneum,which enable us to see our skin become darker

seen a series of injuries caused by ultraviolet rays.

Do you regret that you have not had sun protection before?
And determined to warn yourself
Do a good job of sun protection all year round!
Guys, know the importance of sun protection
Don't forget to choose a sunscreen for sun protection.

ZQ-II sunblock cream uses nanometer titanium dioxide with a radius of 30nm to 85nm. Its particle size is much smaller than the UVA/UVB/UVC of the whole band. The reflection and scattering of light are the best, and the shielding effect is very good. It also contains ingredients such as jojoba and glycerin that can deeply moisturizing and lock water.

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