How to properly skin care in the spring

Dry weather in spring, easy to have multiple skin problems, need scientific and reasonable cleaning and hydration.

1. Clean up

In the early spring, the flow of cold and warm air alternates, especially in the north, where wind and sand are large, air pollution is heavy, and the cleansing of the skin is particularly important. You can choose a milder facial cleanser according to your skin type. Use water to wash your face to keep your skin clean and prevent the dust in the air from clogging the pores and causing acne. ZQ-II Hydrodynamic Amino Acid Cleansing Milk and ZQ-II Tea Polyphenol Control Oil Cleansing Foam Two cleaning products can provide good moisturizing to the skin for different skin and refreshing cleansing.


2. Do a good job

We need to moisturize the skin in time. From the physiological characteristics of the skin, due to the windy, dry climate and rising temperature, the evaporation and loss of skin moisture is faster than any season, especially the exposed skin is very easy to lose water and dry. At this time, we must strengthen the hydrating, you can use ZQ-II hyaluronic acid solution to relieve the symptoms of water shortage.

• Dry skin, yellowing, fine lines, etc. caused by lack of water, improper maintenance, environmental factors, and increasing age
• Conditioning of various water-deficient skin
In the process of using hyaluronic acid, follow the principle of “before the water has frost” and lock the water to truly moisturize.


3. Internal and external repair

Usually, you should eat less greasy food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and drink more water. Do not stay up late, avoid excessive fatigue. At the same time, you can exercise properly and maintain a positive and peaceful mindset.

In addition, ultraviolet light is ubiquitous, because sunlight not only causes photoaging and blackening, but also destroys the barrier function of the skin, aggravating the degree of dryness of the skin, thereby destroying the function of skin lock water. Therefore, sunburned skin has scales and will peel off, which can lead to further drying and desquamation. Therefore, it is also important to do a good job of sun protection. ZQ-II Ice Spring Isolation Milk can be used to protect the skin. If it has been tanned and has long spots, you can also use ZQ-II L-VC essence.


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