In the five minefields of summer skin care, you won't be recruited?

There are a variety of summer skin care methods on the Internet, and which ones are correct? Some sister papers accidentally walked into the "minefield" of skin care. Let's take a look at the lie about the summer skin care we have heard, uncover its true face, and also skin care a truth.

1.The weather is too hot, go home and wash your face with ice water.

The cold water temperature does bring a cool feeling to the skin, but if you wash your face with ice water for a long time, it will cause skin vasoconstriction, loss of skin elasticity and premature aging. For oily skin, washing your face with ice water will cause the pores to shrink, resulting in the inability to clean the accumulated skin.

2.Sunscreen will be wiped a lot

Now everyone is beginning to realize the importance of sun protection. Especially in the summer, UV radiation is strong, and sunscreen has become the top priority of skin care.

Although sunscreen must be applied in sufficient amount to play a sunscreen role, but it can not blindly pursue "large amount." The thicker and thicker skin will make the skin not breathable, and the makeup will be easy to slim down. The correct dosage is 1cm2/2mg of skin, which is generally a coin size. If the texture of the sunscreen is very thin, it can be doubled on this basis.

After the sunscreen product is applied for a few hours, the sunscreen effect will be weakened due to dilution of sweat, etc., and it should be applied in time to ensure the continuation of the sunscreen effect.

3.The longer the moisturizing mask is applied, the better

Some mushrooms do not know where to listen to the skin care tips, the longer the mask is applied, the better, some hate a mask for an hour, dry up on the face are not willing to tear, say you?

But you know that if you apply the mask for too long, the mask will dry out, and the moisture of the skin will be sucked back by the mask! After applying the mask, apply moisturizing lotion and lotion to lock the skin, instead of letting the mask stay on the face for a long time~

4.One pack of blotting paper a day

In summer, many mushrooms cool into skin and become oily or mixed skin. Some mushrooms are cool and always use perfect oil. They often use oil-absorbing paper frequently. I can't wait for one second to tolerate the state of oil spill. Do not stop the blotting paper. Suck and suck.

You need to know this truth: the normal secretion of oil on the surface of the skin can protect the skin and prevent excessive evaporation of skin moisture! Even in the season when oil secretion is relatively strong, it is enough to take about 2 or 3 times a day. Excessive oil absorption will only make your skin more sensitive and fragile, and your moisturizing ability will drop sharply.

5.Do not like to use lotion, cream in summer

I often sweat in the summer, and when I have a cold mushroom, I think that the skin is not short of water. In fact, this is just your "illusion." In addition, the sun and air-conditioned rooms are taking away the moisture of the skin. If you do not pay attention to this prevention, it is easy for the skin to feel the desperation of the outer oil in the hot weather.

The greasy skin is just the appearance, and the lack of water inside is the real skin condition. If you feel that using lotion or cream will make your skin greasy, you can choose a refreshing lotion to maintain your skin.

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