Spring sensitive high season begins with scientifically correct cleaning

Spring blossoms, breeze, and should have enjoyed the beautiful spring. However, during the season, the temperature changes greatly, and the body's metabolism is strong, resulting in unstable skin condition. Coupled with increased sebum secretion, dusty weather, skin often appear allergic acne, rough water shortage, tight tingling and other issues. Changing seasons of skin care has become a big problem.

So how should sensitive muscles be treated? Facial cleansing is the first step in skin care and a very important step. What should the sensitive muscles pay attention to in the face cleaning problem?

1. Wash your face with warm water at a suitable temperature

If the temperature is too high or too low, it will irritate the skin and cause certain damage to the skin. So don't wash your face with hot water or cold water. Just wash it with warm water that is a little higher than the body temperature. It can be cleaned and not right. What is the stimulation of the skin.


 2. Wash your face for no more than three minutes

Generally, the stratum corneum of sensitive skin is relatively thin, and the washing time is too long. The rubbing and massage will damage the stratum corneum, making the skin more fragile and prone to redness, so it is recommended that the washing time should be controlled within 3 minutes.


 3. When you wash your face, try to be as soft as possible.

Some girls are worried that their faces are not clean enough, and they are washed over and over again like obsessive-compulsive disorder. You can't massage for 10 minutes every time you wash your face, from cleansing milk to exfoliating to cleansing cream. This is also too clean. It not only destroys the keratinocytes of the skin, but also takes away natural moisturizing factors and oils, which makes the sensitive source easier to enter. The thinner the skin, the worse the washing. Our skin has a natural barrier, and if this layer is damaged, the skin naturally becomes very fragile and the damage is difficult to repair.
Sensitive skin is inherently fragile. If you wash your face too hard, it will hurt your skin and cause redness. So you can gently massage your face with a gentle massage. This can also reduce friction damage.

4. Choose the right cleansing products

So how do you wash your face to have healthy skin? In addition to using the correct method of cleansing, the most important thing is to use a cleansing product. Most of the current cleansing water and cleansing milk on the market rely on high chemical ratio emulsifiers to ensure that dirt is taken away. Also use the cleansing cotton to help clean, the constant friction brings secondary damage to the skin.
Regarding seasonal skin care, skin care should be reduced, and mild and non-irritating cleansing products should be the key.

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