The seasons alternate, is it stinging with skin care products because of lack of water

The first thing to tell is whether the sting is caused by lack of water or allergies. When using hydrating products, the tingling sensation of water-deficient skin will disappear as soon as it is slightly tolerated; and allergies are caused by the fragility of the skin itself, and the pain will not disappear, but it will also be accompanied by redness or even rash. The existence of the skin itself is to stabilize the human body environment and protect the human body from external environmental stimuli. The skin's epidermis resembles a door that maintains a hydrating balance inside the skin and protects the dermis.

In the absence of water, hydration can cause tingling because the skin is dry and cracked, the intercellular space is enlarged, and the wound is invisible to the naked eye; it is the same as the water in the injured part, so it will cause tingling.

The lack of water in the skin is a result. The root cause is that the skin barrier is damaged, the water cannot be locked, and the water loss is blocked. It is not only lack of water, but also causes skin sensitivity and intolerance. The stimulation of the external environment can also cause skin irritation. In this case, it is useless to hydrate the skin. It is necessary to avoid various skin-damaging behaviors such as irritation, exfoliation, friction, and makeup removal, and to focus on moisturizing and repairing to return to healthy skin.

The following are high risk factors for barrier damage. If you have the following behavior, it is very prone to stinging and redness.
● Always use a tear-off mask or a mud-based cleansing mask.
● Wipe your face with force when removing makeup.
● Long-term and high-frequency use of cleansing equipment.
●The number of cleansing times is too much and the time is too long.
● Excessive hydration.

Finally, the sting may actually be related to the active ingredients or ingredients in the product. If you are clear that you are allergic to a certain ingredient, you can replace it directly. Try to choose mild and non-irritating skin care products.

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