Use the right one for your baby baby shampoo bubble bath

          Use the right one for your baby baby shampoo bubble bath, give the Baby the correct baby shampoo bubble bath, and make sure that the mother does not use the adult Shampoo products, and remind the elderly at home to use the "no tears formula" baby shampoo bubble bath.Remember to wash the Baby's hair or Bath time, must be careful to hold the Baby's head, with palm water to wet the Baby's hair, as long as a few drops of Baby Bubble Bath, gently rub, do not scratch the Baby's head.It is generally recommended to be used every 3-5 days.It's important to note that no matter what shampoo you use, it must be thoroughly rinsed after washing, without leaving a residue.

         Don't scratch your baby's scalp with your fingers while washing his hair.The correct method is to use the whole palm, gently massage the scalp;When washing a hair, the mother should not use fingernail to catch wash a head, lest catch break baby delicate skin.If the mother hand is small, can not cover the baby's ears hole, can also use cotton plug baby's ears in the outer ear canal to prevent the baby ear canal water.


         Made by Hong Kong yasha bio-technology co., LTD, baby shampoo bubble bathIts main ingredients are babassu oil, jojoba oil, avocado, licorice, rutin, santhin and silymarin.Baby and children's special design, two in one, no tears shampoo and washing formula, gently clean the baby's head and the whole body, let the baby's hair keep fresh and soft, make the baby's skin delicate and tender, provide simple and comfortable care for the baby.

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