What is Ceramide? How much do you know about it?

If you are obsessed with ingredient, you will find that many of the major moisturizing products have ingredients - ceramide. Its multiple uses and powerful effects make it popular. What is ceramide in the end, let's take a look.

In order to understand it more clearly, we start with skin knowledge. The skin is divided into three parts: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The epidermis is divided into stratum corneum, granular layer, spinous layer and basal layer. The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of skin. The stratum corneum and sebum membrane constitute the skin barrier we often mention. Ceramide is hidden in the stratum corneum of the "brick wall structure." The "brick" portion refers to keratinocytes, and the "cement mortar" that is filled between "bricks" refers to intercellular lipids. Intercellular lipids are composed of 50% ceramide, 25% cholesterol, 15% free fatty acids and structural water. This is where the ceramide hides.

If we compare the stratum corneum to a wall, then the keratinocytes are equivalent to “bricks”. The lipids in the keratinocyte space are equivalent to “concrete”. This “concrete” contains many components, the highest ceramide content. Can be said to be the most loyal guardian of cells.

What happens if ceramide lack

If there is a lack of ceramide in the skin, there will be gaps between the cells in the stratum corneum, so dust and bacteria will easily invade the skin, like the dried autumn leaves, which will be broken at a slight fold. A good bottom layer of the skin may be easily destroyed. The skin lacks ceramides, such as dermatitis, including hormone face, red blood, eczema, sensitive muscles, and rough muscles.

What is the function of ceramide?

Like a versatile doctor, ceramide can solve many skin problems. First, it can enchance skin barrier function and constitutes a protective wall for the skin. Secondly, it has a moisturizing effect, which can connect water to form a network-like water-locking structure; The effect of adhesion can enhance the adhesion between keratinocytes, thereby alleviating dryness and even desquamation of the skin; finally it has anti-aging effect, and it is anti-aging, mainly because of its moisturizing and water-locking function.

How to supply ceramide

Using a patented technology - nano-dispersion technology,make ceramide into water aqua, greatly improving the solubility and stability in water



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