ZQ-II×COSMOPROF ASIA 2018 | TVB actor Huang Zhixian wants to know about the national brand of skin care products

2018 Hong Kong Asia Pacific Beauty Show
Time: November 14th to 16th
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, China

Hong Kong Asia Pacific International Beauty Show

Hold once a year

Continue the concept of two exhibitions

Extend the scope of the exhibition by expanding the scope of the exhibition

It also makes it easier for visitors to collect target products and capture trends.

This exhibition Yasha ZQ-II has received numerous approvals and support

Absorbing countless

Captured TVB actor - Mr. Huang Zhixian





Not only that
The booth was full of popularity
Loved by international buyers
Let’s take a look at the booth









 ZQ-II product family portrait


 “ZQ-II” is a high-end medical skin care brand under the Zhuhai Yasha Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The effectiveness and safety of Yasha's products exceeds the clinical use of thousands of public hospitals. The adjuvant treatment is effective, mild in nature, and the adverse reaction rate is extremely low. There is no medical dispute.
At the same time, it has obtained CE certification from the European Union and FDA certification, and has completed the registration of trademarks in 105 countries (such as Russia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Chile, etc.) and has a number of national patents. In July of this year, all products of Yasha Co., Ltd. passed the US FDA certification. The products are deeply loved and recognized by consumers at home and abroad.




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