The direction of skincare in summer: Let oily skin go away

In summer, high temperature exposure, ultraviolet radiation,

Go out with makeup, wear a mask for a long time, etc.

The skin is easily getting oily,

acne, coarse pores and various skin problems have come to us.

Why the summer came,the skin become oily or even ance?

In summer, the temperature is getting rising, skin cell metabolism speeds up, plus there are more allergens in the air, and bacteria are more active. In addition, the hair follicle duct is abnormally keratinized, and the shed keratinocytes accumulate and block the pores, which causes the oil to be discharged. The narrowing of the passage further hinders the normal discharge of oil, and the probability of acne and blocking is greatly increased.

So after going out every day, you should clean dirty deeply. Dry and sensitive skin use Moisturizing Amino Acid Cleanser. For oily and mixed skin, use TP Cleansing Foam, which can gently remove surface dirt without skin damage, and feel fresh while cleaning the skin.



The oily skin is mainly related to Sebaceous glands.

Now let’s learn about the "self-introduction" of the sebaceous glands:

It is not my intention to become "oil field". Although I have a close relationship with shine, pores and acne, as a qualified sebaceous gland, it is my duty to secrete sebum, and the shine you see is not the real “oil”.

That is the mixture of sebum and sweat to form a thin emulsified film, which covers the surface of the skin, not only can moisturize the skin and hair, but also prevent water lost.

The amount of sebum secretion is not determited by me. I am not only related to age and endocrine, but also affected by the owner's mood and diet. Therefore, there will often be a situation of strong secretion, and then embarrassed looks oily.

It is not difficult for everyone to find that oil is secreted more in summer than in winter. Under the high temperature conditions, oil secretion and sweating generally occur simultaneously. To prevent water lossing quickly, the oil quickly accumulates on the surface of the skin in order to protect the skin, forming a protective film to prevent the continued loss of moisture. Therefore, in the process of oil control, we must pay attention to water replenishment at the same time. 


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