ZQ-II a great honor of MEVOS 2020,blooming brand influence

From August 13th to August 16th, MEVOS International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine 2020 Conference was opened in Hangzhou International Expo Center. Many
professionals focus on the clinical front line and discuss the progress of international technology and academic frontier science. It is a comprehensive medical beauty industry conference covering academic, technology, art, management, fashion, and culture.

ZQ-II, which protects everyone's skin health, always plays an important role, and has been associated with the MEVOS for a long time. The perfect stage of ZQ-II at the conference attracted many experts and became the focus of the exhibition. Let us recall those wonderful moments in the conference together.

At the entrance of gate with a poster in 50 square meters and ZQ-II flag


As this is the first offline conference after COVID-19 in the medical beauty industry, and attract thousands of medical and aesthetic colleagues from all over the country to participate Gathering in Hangzhou MEVOS .With the opening ceremony, officially kicked off the MEVOS Conference.

Exclusive sponsor 01

ZQ-II designated as the only one sponsor for this MEVOS Conference, sponsoring nearly 10,000 bags gifts for the conference, and each bag contains ZQ-II summer skin care products~

Professionals are learning serious  02

Hot on live  03

In this conference, ZQ-II fits perfectly with the theme of the conference "co-creation, co-fusion and co-exist". GHK-KU Serum, cell culture media and other top products are unique in the whole stage, attracting many domestic and foreign medical beauty experts to stop and consult, and have been recognized and praised by all professionals.
Relying on professional, scientific, and advanced concepts, ZQ-II focuses on the repair of the skin barrier, promotes the rapid and healthy development of the industry with a professional and serious attitude, and provides the foundation and strategy for sustainable development of the Chinese medical beauty industry.

Excellent live lecture 04

At the meeting of the Department of Cosmetic Dermatology, Professor Dan from the
Department of Dermatology, Xiangya Hospital of Central South University shared the course: The role of topical preparations in skin pigmentation. Leading high-quality products with precise and professional academics, focusing on sharing the powerful effects of the ZQ-II Whitening and Spot-lightening Sunblock set in diluting melanin and whitening.

Promotion board of ZQ-II cell culture media was placed behind the venue.
Mr. Sun Tao, General Manager of Wang Sicong Ningyue Plastic Surgery,  as an expert in the operation of medical and aesthetic institutions, emphasized the importance of product selection during COVID-19 and stressed on sharing ZQ-II products and company strength. 




Dr. Mu Xin, a deputy Chief Physician of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University also came to this ZQ-ll booth.

The MEVOS 2020 Hangzhou Conference ended successfully. This is an unusual meeting.

I believe she will bring vitality to the development of the industry,

Bring business strategy to companies and empower every practitioner to move forward.

ZQ-II has gained a lot in this conference.

In the future, we will continue to work with partners in the industry.

Gather more industry wisdom and output more effective, scientific, and professional medical products.ZQ-II would be always with you on the way of skincare.




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