ZQ-II shines in Indonesia International Medical Aesthetic Symposium

On December 6-8, the Indonesian International Conference on Aesthetic Medicine successfully concluded with applause and praise, and sent a "warm clothes" for medical beauty.



The 3-day dry goods event brought together academic experts and industry leaders from multiple countries. It has been more than 24 hours since the conference closed. Let us recall those wonderful moments together.

ZQ-II relies on professional, scientific and advanced concepts, focuses on the repair of skin barriers, promotes the rapid and healthy development of the industry with a professional and serious attitude, and provides a sustainable development foundation and strategy for the Chinese medical beauty industry.

Medical colleagues from all over the country joined us at the Indonesia International Aesthetic Medicine Symposium. At the scene, the overseas elite team of ZQ-II displayed star single products such as hexapeptide repair cream, blue copper peptide extract, cell culture medium, etc., and also brought classics such as repair factor essence, youthful compact repair case, etc. The product has attracted many medical and aesthetic experts to stop and consult and has been recognized and praised by professionals on the spot.


ZQ-II is a high-end dermatological skin care product owned by Yasha. The brand has passed ISO13485, CE certification and FDA registration. After continuous research and development and rigorous clinical testing, the product can be widely used in post-operative repairs such as dermatology, laser / cosmetic beauty, burns, etc., and repair of problem skin such as acne, whitening, anti-aging, and soothing. There are many hospitals, private institutions, dermatology clinics and other clinical uses nationwide and have been widely recognized by international dermatologists. After the exhibition, the ZQ-II elite team conducted academic training for this intended customer, and won the trust and support of customers worldwide.


2017 year
ZQ-II has formulated a globalization strategy
We have achieved impressive results
The direct effects brought by the exhibition are manifested in the continuous expansion of the overseas market of ZQ-II
To consolidate the increasingly solid overseas market
In addition to the European headquarters in Munich, Germany
We now invite global elites to join Yasha ZQ-II overseas team
Work together for a better future!

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