ZQ-II will Join the Dragon TV Spring Festival Celebration with Smart Screen Live Broadcast

At this milestone point, Dragon TV will focus on the theme of “happiness and a well-off forge ahead in a new era” to create Dragon TV Spring Festival Celebration and continue the “Ace of Spring Festival” brand effect. Which special guests will be invited by this Spring Festival. Let's  take a look together.

So many surprises on Dragon TV

Here are they!

He acted the handsome Li Xiaoyao in "Chinese Paladin". And also, He acted Mei Changsu, the "Kirin Gifted" who is full of strategies in "Nirvana in Fire".

He is Hugh, who become a spokesperson for 2020 Dragon TV Spring Festival Celebration on Lunar New Year’s Day!

Another asian actor will join as well.

He is Zhu yilong, who acted "Soul of the Soul", and the new drama "My True Friends" is domineering butchery, harvesting millions of fans. These dreamlike experiences all happened to Zhu Yilong. At present, Zhu Yilong has decided to participate in the Spring Festival Celebration of Dragon TV. We all believe that Zhu Yilong will bring you a wonderful experience every time.

At this time, they will be with you in the Spring Festival Celebration.

The main actors and actresses in the “Romance of the Rain”

“Love is so deep and it is drizzling outside. There are numerous buildings in the rain.”

The crew of "Romance of the Rain" appeared on the Dragon TV Spring Festival Gala. Starting from the memories that touched the emotional memory of millions of people, the warm return of the Dragon TV Spring Festival Gala created a great collective substitution and emotional resonance.

Zhu Yilong and Jin Dong
Two Actors: they will have one performance. This will make their fans crazy on that day.

ZQ-II will be with you to watch this celebration on Dragon TV

Deng Chao, Ada, Cecilia Han,Li Jiaqi, etc., they all will join this celebration.

New journey of the new year, ZQ-II Multi-Peptide Regeneration Cream--Magic Box will bring the most beauty to you.

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