ZQ-II with HNTV to celebrate the new year

2019 is over
2020 is coming
I believe that many people are enjoyed New Year's Eve party on December 31 night satellite TVs.
Especially HNTV
The outstanding performance of the guests surprised countless audiences!

Yang mi, Tengri and Wang chenyi sang the"wild Wolf disco"!
Wang yibo dancced "no feeling" with riding a motorcycle. That is so cool!
TFBOYS groups showed different parts when growing up.

HNTV's New Year's eve party is also enjoying a strong social media presence
86 hot searches across the field
There are 50 hot searches for sina weibo
The number of main topics reached 11.95 billion, with 22.49 million talking points
Nearly 100 million people watch music on TV screens

Of course, the praise and surprise of the net are not groundless!
Not only the guest host, but also the refreshing stage design of the concert
They are using panoramic, multi-dimensional stage design,virtual reality, holographic projection, AR augmented reality technology which viewers superised "black technologies" such as real-time tracking, etc,.

In addition, the director team broke the line between the air and the ground and shorten through the audience's perceived distance.
they used specially designed for interactive, immersive interaction,let nearly 40,000 audience realize 360 degrees and zero distance to experience the carnival atmosphere of the New Year!

Not only for HNTV, but also for ZQ-II multi-peptide regeneration cream--Magice Blue that so many asian actress loved deeply.

Recently, thanks to the popularity of the TV series "qing nian", many people have once again noticed li xiaoran, the 43-year-old actress. Li xiaoran believes that a lot of people should be familiar based her high popularity and attention in the entertainment field. There has been a lot of talk about her on the Internet, especially these days.

Over the years, Li xiaoran has been recognized by the masses as "the goddess of frozen age" based body, acting, appearance level and watery skin.
You can hardly find any aging on her skin. It's so enviable
Let's take a look at her secrets to staying healthy and young?

Magic Blue is worthy of you!

Not only Li xiaoran loved multi-peptide regeneration cream, but also Reiza loved our blue box
Reiza, who is
highly proud "ning gui ren" in Zhen Huan biography
"Jin zhuhai", a strange woman in "Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy"

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