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Infant and Children Series,skin cell regeneration,moisturizer or toner first is one of our company's flagship products, we also have a lot of different series of makeup products, in addition to skin cell regeneration, moisturizer or toner first.The baby's skin is only one tenth of the thickness of the adult skin, the epidermis is a single layer of cells, and the adult is a multi-layered cell; the dermis has less collagen fibers and thus lacks elasticity, and is easily damaged by foreign matter penetration and friction. The baby's skin is tender and soft, and the sebum is thin. Adult skin care products are developed according to the physiological characteristics of adult skin, and the added ingredients are more complicated. Baby skin care is mainly based on moisturizing and hydrating. Adult skin care products can easily burden the baby's skin and may cause skin irritation in the baby. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a skin care product specially designed for babies for baby care.

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