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One of our company's flagship products is the Oil-control acne Series, and we also produce many different series of cosmetic products, including cell culture media components, cell culture media types.How to properly control oil acne The energy of ultraviolet light can't be glimpsed. It has become the first killer to cause skin aging. Although you have applied sunscreen, you can still hold up a beautiful and beautiful uv umbrella, which can not only express the elegance of a woman. It can further protect your delicate skin. Be aware that dermatologists point out that a sunshade that is resistant to uv is more effective against UV rays than spf50 sunscreen. Sunbathing, blowing hot air... The skin is so hot that it is too hot. At this time, the moisturizing spray is the fastest cooling agent for the skin. Spray the spray evenly on the face at a distance of 15 cm from the facial skin, then use a soft facial tissue. Gently wipe dry and the skin instantly cools.

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