Size: 30ml*2

ZQ-II Superoxide dismutase (SOD) adopts Microencapsulation Technology, which highly improves the SOD stability and increases activity by 20%-30% to 2000U / mL. This spray releases and provides the necessary nutrients in the skin metabolism process, to effectively block the production of elastase, hydrate skin, eliminate free radicals and reduce wrinkles.

• Radiation protection

• Reduce pigment

• Anti-aging

• Mucosa repairing

• Eczematous dermatitis


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 • Superoxide dismutase

 • Curcumin 


 All skin types need to protect skin from radiation, delays senescence, reduces pigmentation


 Pour the liquid in bottle B into bottle A,tighten the spray pump of bottle A and shake it up and down to   dissolve evenly before spraying.Use 3-5 times or as often as needed.



In 1969, two American scientists, McCord and Friduich, discovered and extracted superoxide dismutase (SOD). For decades, SOD has achieved significant development and application in anti-aging and disease treatment, and it has been called the god of protection of human health. Almost all biotechnology development centers in the United States focus on SOD in the development of biopharmaceuticals and health products.

The Damage of Oxidation to The Human Body

Our body will face some "oxidative stress", such as smoking, drinking, but if too many free redicals are formed it will also damage DNA to the formation of some "active oxygen" or "free radicals" in the human body. Some free radicals are also produced in the normal life activities of the human body. These free radicals are necessary for the metabolism of the human body. But the free radicals generated by external oxidative stress are extra "oxidative stress" for the human body. Free radicals are unstable and easily react with cells or DNA. We usually say "free radicals attack cells and DNA". The human body has a certain resistance to free radicals, but if the oxidative pressure is too high, it will also cause damage to cells and DNA, which will lead to various chronic diseases over time. And antioxidants can react with free all at once produce stable substances, so free radicals can no longer damage cells and DNA. This process is often referred to as "scavenge free radicals." In addition, reactive oxygen species are also related to cell aging and dark spots.

The Importance of SOD

SOD is the first line of defense for human beings against free radicals. SOD is the most effective enzyme to remove free radicals in the body at one time and has a strong antioxidant function. SOD Anti-oxidant Spray can decompose and remove free radicals in the body, inhibit the damage of active oxygen to cells and DNA, delay aging, reduce inflammation, and reduce the chance of cell canceration. However, the SOD activity of the human body will gradually decrease after 40 years of age, but the peroxide will increase due to stress, diet, ultraviolet rays, and environmental pollutants, which makes the human body less and less able to resist the damage of free radicals, which leads to aging. With the occurrence of diseases, SOD needs to be supplemented in a timely manner.


Ageing and certain external factors can cause the body and skin tissues to produce free radicals that exceed the body's normal ability to scavenging free radicals, thereby causing skin tissue damage and leading to aging. Because SOD can scavenge free radicals, it can delay aging. The reason why people age, the signs of aging, such as pigmentation and physical decline, are due to oxidation in the body. The so-called "oxidation" is similar to rust. The supplement of antioxidants can help reduce oxidation. Speed, slow down the pace of aging.


Medical reports point out that the decline of antioxidant capacity has been advanced to about 40 years old, and fruits and vegetables alone are not enough to eliminate the oxidative stress that is formed in the body and outside the body.

Alleviate Women's crisis

There are three oxidation crises for women:

A. Spots and wrinkles appear on the skin: Because oxygen free radicals cannot be effectively eliminated, it destroys collagen and elastin fibrin, so that skin moisturizing and maintaining elasticity are lost, wrinkles grow horizontally, and the precipitation of melanin is accelerated;

B. Poor blood circulation, irregular menstruation, dark circles, dull and dull complexion;

C. Menopausal disorders: Because of the lack of estrogens and decreased antioxidant capacity in the body, the following symptoms often appear: paroxysmal hot, insomnia, night sweats, headaches, emotional instability, and restlessness.