Medical Ice Pack

Medical Ice Pack

Medical Ice Pack


Description  of this Medical Ice Pack
High-quality Medical Ice Pack For Back Pain Leg Arm Knee Shoulder Sciatic Nerve Recovery Medical Grade,Refers to the principle of using the burning of subcutaneous fat to generate heat to maintain local constant temperature, biomedical devices, therefore, the better the effect on people with thicker subcutaneous fat. This method is especially suitable for summer body sculpting, Nerve Recovery Medical Grade, and the operation is very simple. Ice is very important for sports injuries and one of the essential treatments. Sciatic Nerve Recovery Medical Grade, and found in clinical work, the average patient does not know what is the scientific method of ice, so let me talk about it here.
First, best Medical Ice Pack For Back Pain Leg, the principle of ice application is: reduce and slow the release of histamine, reduce the sensitivity of tissue to pain; reduce microcirculation and exudation and swelling of surrounding tissues; reduce the role of vascular endothelial cells and Thrombosis formation; reduction of oxygen free radical release and so on. Ice Pack For Back Pain Leg Arm Knee, there are many studies showing that: in the first 24 hours after trauma, microcirculatory disorders and secondary tissue damage responses are not obvious. So the ice should be applied as early as possible and it will last for a while.
Medical device product , we use Cobalt-60 radiation disinfection and sterile packaging. Before using it, we don’t have to put premium medical Ice Pack in refrigerator, all we need to do is to squeeze it from sides and then shake it up and down, FYI, this is special designed, it won’t crack if you press it from front and it can hold 50kg’s weight, and can be used directly on skin surface. It can be instantly cooling during 0-5 Celsius degree by itself and to make sure it won’t frostbite the wound surface. This can last for 40 minutes.
It can be used for cold compress after laser plastic, photoelectric surgery. It can also be used to bring down a fever.


Parameter  of this Medical Ice Pack

Net 150g
Ingredient Water, Urea, Ammonium chloride, Potassium Carbonate
Function This product belongs to disposable Class I 6858 medical cold therapy, low temperature, cold storage equipment and appliance. It has the effect of cold therapy.
Suitable for For physical defervescence and cold compress for laser and photoelectric postoperation, soothe sensitive skin, cold compress and cooling for sprain and closed soft tissue.
Usage Pinch out the liquid bag inside, shake up and down until mixing evenly, and then tear up the outer package to apply it on the affected area.This product is for one time use
Note Discontinue using if any allergy occurs.Stored in sealed, cool and dry place.
Validity 3 years


Advantage of this Medical Ice Pack

1. medical device Sterile Packing;

2. instant cooling (0-5 Celsius);

3. Cold storage agent, no need to put in the refrigerator;

4. special designed, squeeze from side,it can hold 50 kg weight


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medical aesthetics
best Medical Ice Pack


Our Factory  of this Medical Ice Pack

Hong Kong YASHA Bio-Technology Company Limited, an innovative high-tech multinational corporation, founded in 2013, is the integration of R&D, manufacturing, sales and academic training, specializing in biomedical devices, skin barrier therapy and skin cell regeneration. It obtained several national patents. The company has 10,000-grade GMP purification workshop, 100-grade microbiology laboratory and stem cell research laboratory. Moreover, it owns a top-notch team of dermatologists, and a large number of clinical literatures have been published. And also, It has been awarded the “Research Base of Skin Barrier Function and Cosmeceutical” by Ministry of Health.



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Our certificate

ISO Certificate
FDA medical device



FAQ   of this Medical Ice Pack


 1.Can you send free samples?
    Yes, free samples are available; you just need to pay the express fee. You can provide your a/c like DHL,FEDEX or you can call your courier to pick up from our company.

2.What is your delivery date?
   The delivery date is about 7-30 days after receipt of payment.

3.What is your MOQ?
   No MOQ limited.Support LCL.

4.What is your payment terms?
   30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.

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