Cymene Soothing Gel (Acne Gel)

  • ldeal for acne prone skin
  • anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • soften post-acne hyperpigmentation
China ZQ-II Cymene Soothing Gel (Acne Gel), a long-lasting protective gel for acne-prone skin with an anti-acne formula of botanical extracts, reduces inflammation by clear away the dirt and superfluous grease in pores by the core ingredients of Cymen-5 and Asiatcoside. It can be used by oily, combination, acne-prone, and sensitive skin types, as breakouts will be cleared and new acne will be prevented to form, which ultimately restores skin's texture and tone.

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ZQ-II Cymene Soothing Gel Oil control, reduces inflammation, shrinks pores
Reduces the risk of scarring and hyper-pigmentation


  • Antibacterial
  • Oil Control And Anti-Inflammatory
  • Natural Formula
  • Skin Type

O-Cymen-5-OL is an antifungal preservative that acts directly on the biochemical enzymes or other active substances of skin bacteria, thereby affecting intracellular enzyme activity and decreasing enzyme activity, resulting in the cessation of cell growth and bacterial death. It has a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, inhibiting the growth of acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus aureus, then preventing the formation of new acne. Another ingredient, Potassium Azelaoyl Diglycinate, can inhibit bacterial protein synthesis and has antibacterial effect on Propionibacterium acnes. To prevent the appearance of new acne, ZQ-II Cymene Soothing Gel can play a pivotal role.



By random, open and parallel-controlled studies, the treatment group applied ZQ-II Cymene Soothing Gel (Acne Gel) once every morning and evening after cleansing the facial skin of all patients. In the control group only applied Viaminate and vitamin E cream in the morning and evening. After 2 weeks of treatment, the number of inflammatory papules and pustules in the treatment group decreased significantly. After 4, 6 and 8 weeks of treatment, the number of inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions in the treatment group decreased significantly compared with the effective rate of the treatment group (85.53%) and the control group (60.00%). As a result, ZQ-II Cymene Soothing Gel benefits in acne treatment and reduces inflammation, assisting treatment of inflammatory papules and pustules well.

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Results after 8 weeks

76 volunteers applied
ZQ-II Cymene Soothing Gel




Significant effective



More cases

Tables of clinical cases:

16 years old Injected ZQ-ll Oil Control and Acne removal set by roller needle for one time Acne Gel for home use

Moderate to severe acne, papules and pustules 25 years old After fruit acid peeling treatment Repairing Soothing Mask+Acne Gel

One month later After fruit acid peeling treatment Repairing Soothing Mask+Acne Gel


Apply a chickpea-sized amount to a throughly cleansed face in the morning and in the evening or as often as needed, massage face until absorbed. For severe acne, you can first apply a thin layer on the entire face and then apply it on the acne area. Repair Factor Essence and whitening Essence also can be used to achieve better effect and prevent pigmentation. Besides, since it does not contain antibiotics which will cause product dependence, it can be used for a long time.


Meso Gun

Picosecond Laser

Ultrasound Cannon

Use ZQ-II Cymene Soothing Gel to fight acne scientifically, providing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to the skin and reducing the discomfort caused by acne on the skin. Rely on us as your trusted skincare provider, dedicated to nurturing your skin's health and beauty.

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