Whitening & Anti-Pigmentation

Whitening & Anti-Pigmentation

ZQ-II Whitening & Anti-Pigmentation products reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, brighten skin tone and improve overall skin texture.

Whitening & Anti-Pigmentation

Whitening Essence

Whitening Essence

  • inhibit tyrosinase and degrade melanin
  • boost the capacity of skin to whitening and glow
China ZQ-II Whitening Essence mixed with Tranexamic Acid and Hydrolyzed Collagen reduces melanin, inhibits tyrosinase, blocks melanin transmission, accelerates the decomposition and elimination of melanin, thus improving the brightness of the skin and reducing the signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots.

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Vit-C Whitening Mask

Vit-C Whitening Mask

  • long-lasting moisturizing
  • reduces dark spots and chloasma
  • fruit fibre membrane
ZQ-II Brand Vit-C Whitening Mask, your daily hydrating sheet masks enriched with Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin C. Designed to brighten the complexion, weaken melanin production, and fade black spots, this revitalizing mask provides a luxurious and effective skincare experience. Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin C work synergistically to promote a radiant and even skin tone. Elevate your daily routine with these nourishing sheet masks, offering a spa-like indulgence for a luminous and revitalized face.

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Sunblock Cream

Sunblock Cream

  • twofold uv filters
  • prevent photoaging & hyerpigmentation
  • long-lasting anti-shine effect
ZQ-II Supplier Sunblock Cream offers advanced daily radiation protection with its Hydrating Facial Sunscreen formula. With a powerful Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF50+++ coverage, this sunscreen is designed to shield your skin from the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays. The inclusion of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide enhances its effectiveness, ensuring a comprehensive defense against sun-induced damage.

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China ZQ-II Whitening & Anti-Pigmentation products, backed by 15 years of expertise and more than 100+ clinical reports in 10 languages, are committed to delivering top-notch solutions for brightening and even skin. Specializing in medical devices, premium skincare formulations, and genetic engineering, ZQ-II seamlessly integrates advanced research and precise manufacturing.

ZQ-II Whitening & Anti-Pigmentation products reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, brighten skin tone and improve overall skin texture. Target dark spots and discoloration with Whitening essence and Vit-C Whitening mask that effectively addresses a dull complexion and evens out skin tone. ZQ-II Whitening & Anti-Pigmentation series do not bleach the skin, rather, they help address dark spots, fine lines, blemishes and sun damage discoloration.

For those seeking Whitening & Anti-Pigmentation products yielding optimal and long-lasting results with minimal concentrations of safer ingredients, ZQ-II is the brand of choice. Our distribution footprint spans across 14 countries with local warehousing facilities, serving over 10,000 government hospitals and clinics across 53 nations globally. Nevertheless, there are still opportunities for adept and forward-thinking skincare distributors to collaborate with us. We welcome professionals who share our vision to join us and further enhance the ZQ-II skincare experience.

As a professional Whitening & Anti-Pigmentation manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory and we attained CE certification. If you are interested in purchasing high-quality Whitening & Anti-Pigmentation from ZQ-II brand , please leave us a message using the contact information provided on the webpage.


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