Skin Barrier Repairing Gel

  • restore the skin barrier function
  • promote epidermal cell regenerations
  • inhibit inflammatory factors
  • speed wound healing
China ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing Gel is a gentle, non-irritating lotion designed for skin hydration and moisturizing, but also strengthening the skin barrier function. For problematic skin such as redness, sensitivity, hormone-dependent dermatitis, and for post-procedure repair, its targeted formula effectively relieves discomfort while enhancing skin hydration and repairing skin barrier function, providing deep moisturization and repair for dry skin.

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ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing Gel Soothing & Anti-inflammatory
Repair Skin Barrier Function
Wound Healing Accelerating



ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing Gel contains Ceramide, EGF(Epidermal Growth Factor), Jojoba Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid. Ceramide, which are naturally found in the skin and make up 50% of the skin's barrier lipids, are known for their binding properties, keeping the basal stratum corneum moisturized and flat, and their anti-aging effects, which help restore and maintain the skin barrier function. EGF, another ingredient, repairs damaged cutin, promotes collagen synthesis and prevents aging. Jojoba Oil, fully integrated with the sebaceous membrane, enhances moisturization, while Hyaluronic Acid, deep moisturizing, reduces the secretion of inflammatory mediators.


For problematic skin

ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing Gel is particularly suitable for people with skin types of redness, sensitivity, and hormone-dependent dermatitis. Its formula is targeted to effectively repair the stratum corneum and sebaceous membrane, reducing the aggression of external irritants on the skin while strengthening the skin's resistance, thus relieving itching and light inflammatory reactions. By restoring the function of the skin barrier, ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing Gel can gradually reduce the use of hormone drugs, soothe the skin, reduce discomfort, and provide long-term health protection for the skin.

For Post-Operative Repair

ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing Gel can also play an important role in postoperative edema, dryness, itchiness, oozing, and other adverse symptoms after photofacial surgery or hair transplantation. As the skin is sensitive and irritated after surgery, ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing Gel has a highly effective moisturizing effect that penetrates deep into the skin to provide sufficient moisture to the skin after surgery, thus effectively reducing the discomfort caused by dryness. At the same time, its skin barrier repairing effect helps accelerate the skin's natural repair process, helping accelerating the wound healing time, minimizing complications and returning the skin to a healthy state as soon as possible.

For Dry Skin

It is vital to enhance the skin's ability to lock in moisture for dry skin. ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing Gel is specifically designed to meet the needs of dry skin, with its formula designed to enhance the skin's ability to lock in water, reduce TEWL (Skin Water Loss), enhance skin hydration, and allow the skin to absorb and retain water more efficiently, thus further enhancing the skin's moisturizing effect and effectively repairing the skin's barrier function.



To observe the therapeutic effect of Tacrolimus combined with ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing Gel on facial hormone-dependent dermatitis, 80 cases of hormone-dependent dermatitis were randomly divided into two groups, 40 cases in the control group were treated with topical treatment with Tacrolimus, and 40 cases in the treatment group were treated with Tacrolimus combined with ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing Gel. The results showed that the total effective rate of the treatment group was significantly higher than that of the control group (χ2 = 19.8585, p < 0.05, Table 1), indicating that the application of tacrolimus combined with ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing Gel was effective, safe and reliable in the treatment of facial hormone-dependent dermatitis.

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Effective rate

after 1 month


Tacrolimus combined with
ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing
Gel Treatment


Treatment with Tacrolimus

More cases

Tables and photos of clinical cases:

Facial Hormone-Dependent Dermatitis
Skin Barrier Repairing Gel+Repair Factor Essence(spray)

Sudden attack of allergies
Use Allergy Healing Dressing+Skin Barrier Repairing Gel

Repair sensitive jaw
Skin Barrier Repairing Gel+Repair Factor Essence(Spray)

Not changed clothes in time and indoor ventilation causing Miliaria
A baby is only 3 days after birth


For daily care, 2-3 times a day to promote hydration and skin repairing.
For postoperative care, after using Repair Factor Essence(Spray), apply it to entire face and neck, 2-3 times a day.


Meso Gun

Picosecond Laser

Ultrasound Cannon

Choose ZQ-II Manufacturer for all your skin repair and care needs. Experience the versatility and effectiveness of ZQ-II Skin Barrier Repairing Gel, your go-to solution for daily skincare, dermatitis, wound care, post-surgical recovery, and more. Trust in ZQ-II for comprehensive skin repair and care.

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