Sodium DNA Serum

  • anti-inflammatory
  • repair damaged cells
  • provide nutritional environment
  • accelerate cell regeneration
ZQ-II Brand Sodium DNA Serum, with a box containing three 3ml vials, is a skincare product that harnesses the properties of PDRN (Polydeoxynucleotide), derived from deep-sea salmon in pure waters. It is designed to provide effective skincare by promoting tissue repair, regeneration, hydration, and reducing inflammation, all while ensuring safety and reliability.

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ZQ-II Sodium DNA Serum Hydrate, Heal, and Soothe
Anti-Inflammatory and Regenerative Power of PDRN


  • PDRN

The raw material of ZQ-II Sodium DNA Serum comes from Italian deep-sea salmon in pure waters, which is very similar to human DNA bases, making it safer. The concentration of PDRN in the market is between 0.5% and 2%, while ZQ-II PDRN is 1.8%, effectively stimulating tissue repair and regeneration by promoting cell proliferation and collagen synthesis. There is no need to differentiate between models and brands, just one bottle for multiple benefits, and the ingredients are precisely proportioned, safe, reliable and longer lasting.


Anti-Inflammatory and Repair

ZQ-II Sodium DNA Serum not only promotes skin elasticity and hydration but also promote rapid regeneration of skin cells and tissues. PDRN binds to adenosine receptor A2A antagonist, which has the ability to promotes the release of cellular FGF, IGF, EGF, accelerating wound repair and healing, which can improve blood circulation and accelerate cell regeneration. The combination also can reduce the production of inflammatory factors and produce anti-inflammatory effects.

Regeneration and Collagen Synthesis

With a 1.8% concentration of PDRN, ZQ-II Sodium DNA Serum effectively stimulates cell proliferation and collagen synthesis. This enhances tissue repair and regeneration, resulting in smoother, firmer skin with reduced signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Skin Types

ZQ-II Sodium DNA Serum can be used on skin with enlarged pores, excess oil, damaged skin barrier, excessively thin stratum corneum, increased wrinkles on the face, neck and arms, as well as on sensitive skin with a tendency to redness, swelling, itching and inflammation of the dermis, and recurring acne. In addition, ZQ-II DNA Sodium Serum is also indicated for excessively dry skin that lacks moisture retention and nutrient loss, resulting in dry, rough, dull skin with reduced resistance to UV rays and harmful substances.



ATLAS TESTING SERVICE CO.,LTD used an instrumental test to observe the amount of trans-epidermal water loss of the skin before and after the use of the product on the forearms of the subjects to observe the efficacy of this cosmetic product in repairing the skin barrier in 2h, and the effect of the recovery rate of trans-epidermal water loss is significantly different (P=0.034). The recovery rate of ZQ-II Sodium DNA Serum area was 40.97% higher than that of the negative control area, which indicates that ZQ-II Sodium DNA Serum has the effect of repairing the skin barrier.

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Results after

2 hours


recovery rate of trans-epidermal water loss

More cases

Use Sodium DNA Serum for three times later
Pores and acne marks are visibly improved, acne marks faded, pores are refined, and oiliness is reduced

Before, her skin is sensitive and red and her stratum corneum is thin, the pores are enlarged, and she has red and black acne marks on both sides of the cheeks By 1.0mm meso gun


Apply to cleansed skin, and have a skin test before apply facial numbing for the 1st time. Injected by meso gun or micro needle roller 15mins with painless and precise Treatment. Then use cold compress for sedation 15mins to instantly reduce redness and heat. Consulting a doctor for advice before undergoing the treatment is recommended. It is prohibited for individuals with skin in the acute stage of allergies to undergo this treatment.


Meso Gun

Picosecond Laser

Ultrasound Cannon

ZQ-II Sodium DNA Serum offers a comprehensive solution for skin repair, regeneration, hydration, and inflammation reduction. Its unique formulation and manufacturing process ensure safety, reliability, and longer-lasting effects. Elevate your skincare regimen with ZQ-II Sodium DNA Serum, carefully crafted by the reputable ZQ-II Manufacturer.

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